A photograph of numerous trilobite pins. Their segments are colored in the colors of various LGBTQ+ pride flags.
A photograph of numerous foraminifera button badges. Their chambers are colored in the colors of the Progres LGBTQ+ pride flag.
A photograph of numerous acrylic keychain charms featuring cute chibi dinosaurs.
A closeup photograph of a Nautilus Pompilius sticker.


A volcano-themed queer art collection illustrated by volcanologist/artist Ailsa Naismith.
We successfully crowdfunded this collection in March 2023 over a Kickstarter.
Volgaynoes is a limited-run collection this will be available for the last time in a leftover sale in February 2024.
Follow our social media or the Kickstarter page of the project to follow along with the production and other updates.

13 FEB, 8 PM GMT

Volgaynoes will be available for one last time during the leftover sale (Feb 13 - 29).Sale will be in the Palaeoiris Store.Make sure to set the alarm if you've been eyeing this collection for a while as we have very limited stock of pins and stickers, and once they're gone - they're gone. This collection won't be remade.


    It all started with a Queerlobite and since then we couldn't be stopped.
    An ever-growing assortment of simple but effective designs combining
    favourite Natural History motifs with pride flags.


    A brand new collection featuring landmark Natural History
    fossil specimens. These pins are larger, shinier, and beautifully presented.
    For the first time ever we have released pins without pride flags,
    for occasions and those of us that require pure class.
    These pins also allow those LGBTQ+ scientists and natural
    history lovers who are not in a position to be out and proud
    to keep part of us and our movement.

    Palaeontology Hall of Fame now available in our store!

    Palaeontology Hall of Fame


    Based on an original idea sketch by Dino Dad Reviews, this Oviraptor sticker was a limited charity run with ALL proceedings donated to Dallas Hope Charities.Read this article by Dino Dad Reviews which tells a story behind this project and explains our charity choice.Trans people are being attacked on all sides, with particularly malicious attacks geared towards trans kids, and their families. Now is the time to be loud and visible in your support, or to spread the message of acceptance and anger. Who better to represent anger and ready to protect than Oviraptor, a dinosaur with a famous parent fossilized in an act of protecting its nest?

    The Palaeoiris Story

    Our mission and what we stand for.

    Palaeoiris Resources

    Learn about the pride flags we feature and the identities behind them.


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    Palaeoiris is a collective of queer ex-scientists who wanted to make other queer scientists feel seen, heard, and celebrated. We hope that the things we create here help LGBTQ+ people in STEM express their pride in their careers, their scientific passions, and their queer identities. We want Palaeoiris to serve as a resource for queer scientists to connect with a global community of diverse, amazing individuals.Just as importantly, Palaeoiris is about art! We combine the beauty of the natural world with the beauty of the unique, manifold “queer experience.” All with a heavy dose of colour! There are few things that can make us as happy as seeing our favourite things combined. We want to share that happiness with you!

    Palaeoiris is a collective dedicated to celebrating the Queer Community , queer students and lovers of Natural History, as well as queer scientists. From our humble beginnings distributing trilobite badges at conferences, to the creation of our online store that keeps expanding on designs and scientific disciplines, to writing educational materials – we want to raise knowledge about the countless ways scientists experience queerness.Our creations are also geared towards allies who wish to showcase their support and/or are finding ways to make spaces visibly welcoming to LGBTQ+ people.Palaeoiris has always been and will always be a completely inclusive brand that supports macro and micro queer identities. We hold intersectionality as a central tenet.


    Behind Palaeoiris is a team of queer former STEM researchers who are passionate about our queer community and queer outreach. Representing many letters in LGBTQ+, our stories are different but united by a passion for science and for the wonderful people of the Rainbow.Palaeoiris is our passion project. We work on it alongside our everyday jobs. By buying our creations, you allow us to continue creating. Thank you!

    Marta Zaher photograph




    Founder, Art Director, Product Designer, Supplier relationsEx-Palaeobiologist. Visual artist. Organiser. Perpetually hindered by the lack of time. Loves to illustrate, create art merch, and run creative projects.
    User of many labels: Agender, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Trans, Lesbian, Ace-spec, Polyamorous, Queer, Disabled, ND

    Catherine Strickson photograph




    Social Media, eCommerce, CopyrighterEx-Palaeontologist. Freelance science/LGBT+ writer and editor. Email for commissions. 30 under 30 Nottingham MVP. You-Tuber and occasional podcaster. SFF Author.
    Trans woman. Lesbian.




    These lovely people are not actively working nor contributing to Palaeoiris anymore but were a huge help in our beginnings.

    Yasmeen Erritouni photograph




    Ex-Palaeoiris Writer and Editor.PhD Student. Molecular Geneticist. Bird Iridescence. Decolonizing the Science Curriculum. Perpetually looking for other Moroccan-Brazilians. Occasionally singing. Often cooking.
    Genderqueer and Pansexual.

    Frane Babarovic photograph




    Ex Palaeoiris assistant.Postdoc. Somewhere between evolutionary biology, ecology, and feminism. Exploring the colour blue in bird plumage. Climber. Marta's number one stan, here to help!



    We love collaborations and are always on the lookout for more! Email us if you're a Natural History or Earth Scientist, artist, or lover if with an idea for a collaboration.
    We speak English and Serbo-Croatian. :D

    Pride volcanoes pins and stickers



    Artist. Volcanologist.
    Project we collaborated on: Volgaynoes

    Protect Trans Kids Dinosaur sticker photo



    Reviewer of palaeontology-themed books for kids.
    Project we collaborated on: Protect Trans Kids Oviraptor sticker

    On this page, you will find download links for short bite-sized cards with information on sexual, romantic, and gender minorities featured on our badges. The same info is provided below in text format for accessible purposes. As our assortment of pride flags grows so will the number of identities and orientations featured here.You are welcome to save and distribute these cards and info on them. Likewise, if you have some feedback and ideas for improvement, please get in touch.Last updated: November 2020



    Lesbian Community Flag

    An all-inclusive Lesbian Pride Flag

    The Community Lesbian Flag was created in a collaborative attempt over a year in the making within the lesbian community. The goal was to create a flag that could represent all lesbians, not just a subset like the previous lesbian flags. The dark orange stripe represents gender non-conformity. The orange stripe represents independence. The light orange stripe represents the community. The white stripe represents unique relationships to womanhood. The pink stripe represents serenity and peace. The dusty pink stripe represents love and sex. The dark rose stripe represents femininity. This flag is meant to be a symbol for all lesbians, a symbol for the diversity of lesbians and the lesbian experiences, and a symbol of unity within the community, no matter our differences. This flag is trans-inclusive.And where is a pride flag for Gay Men?While there is a masculine version of the Community flag for homosexual men this flag is not as widely used. Homosexual men widely just use the Pride flag.

    Lesbian community flag
    Bisexual pride flag


    Bisexual Pride Flag

    Represents bisexuality/biromanticism

    A bisexual person experiences sexual attraction to persons of the same and different genders. A biromantic person experiences romantic attraction to persons of the same and different genders.As the oldest and most recognizable multi-sexual/ romantic orientation, it has undergone some changes in definition (see note). Controversy arose over the “bi” prefix which was believed to limit gender to the binary "woman" and "man". However, as the language around gender evolved, the bisexual community has come to include non-binary persons in their definition.Although bisexuality broadly overlaps with pansexuality and omnisexuality, there are subtle differences and a person may find one label more fitting for themselves.More info on bi.org.

    Pansexual pride flag

    Pansexual Pride Flag

    Represents pansexuality/panromanticism

    A pansexual person experiences sexual attraction to persons regardless of their gender. A panromantic person experiences romantic attraction to persons regardless of their gender. Often called the “gender-blind” sexual/romantic orientation as many pans say they are attracted to people, and that gender is not a factor in their attraction.
    Rapidly rising in popularity as the second most common multi-sexual/ romantic orientation, pans are sometimes non-binary people wishing to distance themselves from the “bi” prefix of bisexuality that previously had binary gender connotations.
    Although pansexuality broadly overlaps with bisexuality and omnisexuality, there are subtle differences and a person may find one label more fitting for themselves.

    Polysexual pride flag

    Polysexual Pride Flag

    Represents polysexuality/polyromanticism

    A polysexual person experiences sexual attraction towards more than one, but not all genders. A polyromantic person experiences romantic attraction or desires towards more than one, but not all genders.Not to be confused with polyamory -  intimate involvement with multiple persons at once, or pansexuality - attraction to ALL genders.One of the newer orientations grown out of moving away from the binary gender concept. The polysexual flag's pink stripe represents attraction to women, its green stripe represents attraction to people who identify outside the traditional woman-man binary, and its blue stripe represents attraction to men.


    Asexual Pride Flag

    Represents asexuality

    An asexual person does not experience sexual attraction, experiences it rarely or only under specific conditions – they are not drawn to people sexually and do not desire to act upon attraction to others in a sexual way.Not to be confused with celibacy, which is a chosen abstinence from sexual activity.Asexual people might experience other types of attraction (romantic, aesthetic, sensual – to name a few) and strive to develop emotional connections with people.Asexual people can be sex-repulsed, averse, indifferent, or favourable. Arousal capabilities, libido, and participation in sexual activities vary among asexual people but do not play a part in sexual identification.**ASEXUAL UMBRELLA **
    Some more common sexualities under the asexual umbrella:
    •DEMISEXUALITY – a person experiences sexual attraction only after a strong emotional bond is formed
    •GREY(A)SEXUALITY – sexual attraction is extremely rare or otherwise in the grey area.
    Asexual Manifesto (1972)More info on www.asexuality.org and wiki.asexuality.org

    Asexual pride flag


    Aromantic pride flag

    Aromantic Pride Flag

    Represents aromantic people

    An aromantic person neither experiences romantic attraction nor desires a romantic relationship.Aromantic people might experience other types of love and attraction (platonic, aesthetic, sensual – to name a few) and strive to develop emotional connections with people.
    Aromantic people can still experience sexual attraction and be of any sexuality.
    Aromantic people can still desire life-long platonic partnerships.ARO SPECTRUM
    Some more common romantic orientations under the aromantic umbrella:
    •DEMIROMANTICISM – a person experiences romantic attraction and/or desire only after a strong emotional bond is formed.
    •GREY(A)ROMANTICISM – romantic attraction extremely rare, infrequent, or otherwise in the grey area.
    More info on aromantic.wikia.org

    Polyamory pride flag

    PolyamoryPride Flag

    Represents Polyamory

    Polyamory is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved.Often described as “consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy”.The polyamorous community rejects the view that sexual and romantic exclusivity is necessary for deep, committed, long-term relationships.Polyamory is more about romantic than sexual relationships, as it involves a commitment to building lasting relationships that meet the needs of the people involved. But of course, it can be built around sexual relationships as well.Polyamorous relationships come in many forms, but they all need to be built on honesty, openness, and communication.More info on www.morethantwo.com


    Transgender Pride Flag

    Represents Transgender People

    A transgender (trans for short) person is a person who identifies differently than a gender assigned to their sex at birth.The transgender label encompasses both people of the more-traditionally binary gender identity and people of non-binary identity.The still mainstream explanation of an X brain in the Y body is now outdated both due to science progress and language change but is still sometimes used when a situation needs a simplified explanation.The transgender umbrella is about queer gender identities, not sexuality. Transgender people can be of any sexual and romantic identity.Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria but intensity and type vary among individuals. Body dysphoria and medical transitioning are NOT required for a person to be transgender.Persons who are not transgender are called cisgender (cis for short).For help with many terms of transgender, umbrella check out translanguageprimer.com

    transgender pride flag

    Genderqueer Pride Flag

    Represents Genderqueerness

    Genderqueer(ness) can be used as an adjective, a noun, or as a personal identity denoting or relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions and rules.Genderqueerness is not a new concept, and queer people have always been showing defiance to gender norms and redefining their personal relationships with them.The genderqueer term emerged in the 1980s and 1990s out of a need for an all-inclusive term for individuals pushing gender rules hand in hand with sexual rules, and questioning norms around class and race.As queer activism and political organizing grew in the early ‘90s, genderqueer became a way for transgender people to be part of the broader movement.More on the contemporary approach to binary gender defiance will be presented in the Nonbinary Pride Flag section.More on the history of gq on inqueery by them (You Tube).

    Genderqueer pride flag

    Non-Binary Pride Flag

    Represents Non-Binary Gender Umbrella

    Non-binary (NB) is a younger twin of genderqueer representing a wide spectrum of gender identities, varying in intensity and conformity to one of the binary gender concepts.
    NB represents identities outside of strict and static gender binary. The only rule is that there are no rules.
    Non-binary identities can express a combination of femininity and masculinity, or neither, in their gender expression.Gender non-conformity, gender queerness, and non-binary are different words used to describe basically the same concept.Non-binary umbrella has many gender identities, some of most common ones being bigender, genderfluid, agender/genderless, pangender, trigender, neutrois, demigender, etc.Even though non-binary identity is technically part of the trans umbrella, not all non-binary people identify as trans.For help with many terms of transgender, umbrella check out www.translanguageprimer.org.

    Genderqueer pride flag


    Gender, gender identity, gender roles so many different uses of the word gender. What does all that actually mean? What if I want to learn more?

    They all refer to different concepts.Gender = social categoryGender Identity = personal relationship with gender; gender internalized on a personal, individual levelGender roles, gender expression, etc = different manifestations/ aspects of gender

    Please consult the worldwide web to better understand all different aspects and uses of gender. This is not an easy thing to learn, whole fields in sociology are devoted to studying gender. An easy place to start would be the Gender Wikipedia page, and Social Construct of Gender Wikipedia page as well as references used in those articles. We also recommend Gender: a graphic guide and Queer: a graphic history by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele, brilliant introductory reads that will make you rethink and see many things in a new light. If you are a Questioning individual these books will definitely clear your head. This is our personal recommendation and we are not affiliated with iconbooks publisher in any way.

    So...how many genders are there?

    Depends on which concepts you use to navigate this gendered world. Various sources will tell you different things but it's easy to understand that in a binary gendered world we currently live in there are two binary genders and many ways to break away and destroy the gender binary. As for gender identities, one could argue that there are as many gender identities as there are people, or at least non-binary/genderqueer people.Answers to this question will depend on the background knowledge of the person you ask. This is our personal answer.

    My pride flag is not included in your store :(
    When can I expect its inclusion?

    Please get in touch! Especially if you are studying/working in Biological/Earth Sciences! We will try to sneak in an extra item in your pride flag even if we don't include it in our standard lineup. We wish to bring happiness and catered merch to every queer person but as we are working on a tiny scale it is not feasible to offer every item in every pride flag (there are so so many). That's why we cannot stock your pride flag unless you let us know about you :DFeel free to use our contact form, email, or DM us on Instagram/Twitter and Marta will see what's the fastest way to get you that merch item(s) you want.

    I want to collect gender data for diversity monitoring purposes or my study, which gender options should I include in my questionnaire?

    Other: _____
    If you need a strictly limited number of groups then: 'Woman'/'Female', 'Man'/'Male', 'Non-Binary' (You may choose to name the third category other). It is also always nice to include the 'Questioning' category.If you are interested in collecting data on transgender people include that as a separate question (e.g. 'Do you identify as transgender?' with Y/N/Questioning answers).DO NOT INCLUDE TRANSGENDER AS SEPARATE OPTIONS WHILE ASKING FOR GENDER! It is inaccurate, incredibly othering, rude, and transphobic!Example of what NOT to do:
    Transgender Woman
    Transgender Man
    At least one other than woman/man category is always necessary not just for inclusion purposes but because otherwise, your w/m samples are going to contain people with genderqueer socialization/expression/opinions/etc.To summarize here's the most simple way to collect diversity data on gender that is inclusive and accurate:Which gender do you identify with?
    Other: ___
    Do you identify as transgender?

    *Remember the golden rule when attempting to collect this data: What am I trying to study? What information do I really need? Is this data even necessary for this? We also recommend including a queer-identifying author in your study to make sure you are using appropriate terminology.


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    It all started with a humble Queerlobite badge and we couldn't be stopped ever since.
    An ever-growing assortment of simple but effective designs combining
    favourite Natural History motifs with pride flags.


    A rainbow trilobite was created for purposes of LGBT+ meetup for one Palaeontological conference from where it was turned into a complimentary registration badge. They became such a hit that we continued creating!
    Currently available as enamel pins, button badges, stickers, and mugs.

    Trilobite enamel pins featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Trilobite badges featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Trilobite sticker featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Trilobite mug featuring LGBT+ pride flags


    We chose Nautilus pompilius to bridge the gap between the sciences of the extinct and extant, Palaeontology and Biology. Who better than a Living Fossil itself! But if you prefer to imagine it's an Ammonite we wouldn't hold it against you. :3c
    Currently available as enamel pins, button badges, stickers, and mugs.

    Nautilus pompilius Ammonite enamel pins featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Nautilus pompilius Ammonite enamel pins featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Nautilus pompilius Ammonite stickers featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Nautilus pompilius Ammonite mug featuring LGBT+ pride flags


    Planulina wuellerstarfi, the winner of the 2019 Foram Cup, is our Pride Foram representing Team Micropalaeontology. Many chambers gave us an opportunity to include even more stripes and introduce Progress Pride Flag to our lineup.
    Currently available as enamel pins, button badges, and stickers and mugs.

    Foraminifera enamel pins featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Foraminifera button badges featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Foraminifera stickers featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Foraminifera mug featuring LGBT+ pride flags


    We were so mesmerized by this well-known crystal cluster known as Desert Rose that we added it to our Natural History lineup to represent mineralogy/petrology.
    Currently available as stickers,
    button badges, and mugs.

    Desert Rose stickers featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Desert Rose mug featuring LGBT+ pride flags


    Is there a gayer mineral than Bismuth? The beautiful play of colours caused by oxidation puts butterflies into our stomachs and inspired us to create another mineral design. We're currently researching iridescent and holographic materials to give this design a re-do worthy of the extravagance of Bismuth.
    Currently available as stickers.

    Bismuth mineral crystal stickers featuring LGBT+ pride flags


    A brand new collection featuring landmark Natural History
    fossil specimens. These pins are larger, shinier, and beautifully presented.
    For the first time ever we have released pins without pride flags,
    for occasions and those of us that require pure class.
    These pins also allow those LGBTQ+ scientists and natural
    history lovers who are not in a position to be out and proud
    to keep part of us and our movement.


    For our first representative of the Hall of Fame collection, we have chosen the first complex multicellular biota. This staple Ediacaran taxa enticed us with the repetitive pattern that lends itself perfectly to all our horizontal stripe-y needs. This was the one all metal pin we were really excited about!
    Design currently available as enamel pins, stickers, and mugs.

    Dickinsonia enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Dickinsonia gold and silver metal pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.cker featuring LGBT+ pride flags
    Dickinsonia enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Dickinsonia sticker featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.


    Jumping considerable millions of years forward, we find Tiktaalik, one of the most important "missing links" that helped us understand and prove a link between marine tetrapods and their first land-dwelling descendants. We couldn't pass on the opportunity to connect everyone with their inner fish.
    Design currently available as
    enamel pins and stickers.

    Tiktaalik enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Tiktaalik gold and silver metal pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Tiktaalik enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Tiktaalik sticker featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.


    If there is one specimen that first pops up in everyone's minds as a "missing link" fossil, it's the Berlin specimen of Archaeopteryx lithographica. Combining bird-like and reptile-like characters on a single animal, this was a wonderful find that removed any doubts about the link between extinct and extant dinosaurs.
    Design currently available as
    enamel pins and stickers.

    Archaeopteryx lithographica enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Archaeopteryx lithographica gold metal pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Archaeopteryx lithographica enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Archaeopteryx lithographica sticker featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.


    The landmark fossil specimen to close our journey through the History of Life on Earth is Lucy the Australopithecus, our erect ancestor. We used colours of the Progress Pride Flag to fill her missing pieces, as a poetic reminder of the long journey humans have done on this Earth, and the many diverse forms we come in.
    Design currently available as
    enamel pins and stickers.

    Lucy the Australopithecus enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Lucy the Australopithecus gold and silver metal pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Lucy the Australopithecus enamel pins featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.
    Lucy the Australopithecus sticker featuring LGBT+ Progress Pride Flag.


    Changed your mind? Not satisfied with the goods you received? We got you.


    We accept cancellations for a full refund on all items available in our Etsy store.We must receive a cancellation request before the order has been dispatched. Once the order was dispatched the Return Policy applies instead.During preorder campaigns, you may cancel your order at any point for the duration of the campaign for a full refund. After preorders close, a cancellation fee of 20% of your order total applies. Kickstarter-run preorder campaigns cannot be cancelled once the preorder campaign ends.


    We accept returns. We accept exchanges for different items of the same value (e.g. you can exchange your Pridelobite enamel pin for a Translobite enamel pin, but not for a Pridelobite button badge).Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. The items needn't be in their original packaging but it has to be its original condition. If the items are not in their original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.Contact us within 14 days of delivery to arrange a return or exchange.
    Dispatch items back within 30 days of delivery.


    We said we won't rest until we give warm fuzzy feelings of love and acceptance to all LGBTQIA+ science lovers and we mean it! If you're priced out of securing one of our pins, read this page to find out how to get one for free!

    Being based in the European Union, we, unfortunately, have to price our items a certain way to keep our e-commerce self-sustainable. We recognise that this means our pins will be unattainable to LGBTQIA+ science lovers from many countries with a lower standard of living, as well as students and others who are not in a position to set money aside for occasional "luxury".Meanwhile, we're sitting on a lot of pins, badges and occasional stickers, which we cannot sell due to small or larger imperfections that they arrived with from the factory. We would love to send you a pin or badge of your choice if you can cover the cost of their shipping. We would love to be able to send them to you free of charge but as we're not really turning any spare profits from this business, shipping many items for free quickly builds up and our personal financial situation is such that we can't shoulder such costs at the moment. The shipping cost will be around 6 EUR for worldwide shipments. Even if you can't afford the shipping price, it might be worth getting in touch and we'll consider covering the cost for you.In return, we only ask that, if you're in a safe position to do so, you share the arrival of your pin on social media, and tag us so we can see it (we're @palaeoiris on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), as well as mention our website www.palaeoiris.com. Some other ways of giving back would be mentioning us to your friends, clubs, organisations, suggesting gift shops or sellers in your area that might be interesting in selling our pins (we'll reach out to them, we just want to hear about them from you), and such. If you have an alternative idea to "pay" for your freebie we'd love to hear it and will probably be happy to accept your proposition. But even if you are in no position to give back to us directly, please don't feel discouraged to reach out! We just wanted to give an example of how to give back without paying actual money.If you run or are part of a group that does LGBTQIA+ activism, we would love to hear about your work and find a way to support you if we can. Even if only by lifting your spirits by sending some badges and/or stickers.

    How do I know if I qualify for a freebie?

    We do not require you to go to great and demeaning lengths to explain your position.If you're in a position where you can afford one of our pins or badges, we hope you'll choose to support the work we do by buying them from our store.To avoid listing countries with a lower standard of living that qualify for this scheme, if you need to work more than three hours to be able to afford our pins then this scheme is for you.

    How to request your freebie?

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    - your full address including country
    - if you won't be able to cover the shipping cost, explain your
    situation and we'll consider covering this cost for you
    Please keep in mind that you will receive an imperfect item and that your desired pride flag or metal variation might not be available. Imperfections include mini scratches, staining of the metal, specs of rust, and such. These imperfections will be on the front or in the back, but will always be noticeable only upon close inspection (aka you can still wear them on your backpack or pin them to a board and they will look perfectly fine from a usual distance of viewing). Should your desired pride flag and/or metal variation not be available, we'll let you know your alternatives.


    Whether you want personalised artwork or even a product for your organisation, team, research group, event, or even yourself,
    we offer illustration and product (merch) commissions!
    We also offer Commercial Licences if you are interested in selling commissioned artwork as part of a promotional product line,
    as well as Branding Licences in case you want to use commissioned artwork as part of your brand identity.

    What kind of commission are you looking for?


    To receive a personalised quote based on your idea and needs, please send us a detailed description of your idea. Please feel free to attach any resources that might help us understand your vision and your needs, including links to references (both textual and images).Please read all information regarding Artwork Commissions (Illustration) on this page, and if any of the clauses and options are relevant to your job, please include them in your enquiry.This is not expected in any way, but if you're working with a limited budget, feel free to include that info in the initial inquiry too.When sending a commission request, err on the side of overexplaining, but we'll ask for any additional information if we need them before issuing you a quote.All initial enquiries and quotes are free of commitment.


    The quoted price includes three draft sketches, three edits/amendments at the sketching phase, and two minor amendments before final approval.
    Each additional amendment is charged 20% of the price.
    Major edits at the final stage will be quoted separately depending on the severity of the edit request and the complexity of the job.Price includes 300 dpi resolution files in A4 size, together with preparation for print, if necessary.Working files with layers (.csp and .psd files) can be purchased for a flat fee of 50 EUR.


    We commit to finishing your commission in 4 weeks from the date of receiving (initial) payment or less, but the actual delivery time will depend on delays in the draft/sketch/final approval.We don’t count the time between our delivery of the artwork that needs feedback and the commissioner’s reply.Urgent commissions are charged 50% of the quoted price for a 2-week delivery, or 100% of the quoted price for a 1-week delivery.


    Commission can be paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal Invoice.We can be paid in EUR (European Bank Account), or GBP (UK Bank Account).Bank Transfer/PayPal fee is included in the price, so you can opt for us to take on the bank transfer fee.Commissions can be paid in full up-front, or 50% up-front and 50% before receiving final files.We don't begin working on your commission before receiving at least 50% of the agreed-on price.


    Info coming soon


    Image Rights & Usage

    - Every commission is protected under the EU Copyright Law.
    -The holder of the copyright is Vanya Zeal.
    - Palaeoiris and Vanya Zeal reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use, unless exclusive use was agreed on. We reserve the right to display any commissioned image(s) on any of our websites or our portfolio and use it in marketing, publishing, and merchandise production and sales unless exclusive usage rights were agreed upon.
    - If the exclusive use contract expires and is not renewed, the clause above starts applying.
    - The commissioner must not claim the work as theirs.
    - Under no circumstances may the Commissioner use the commissioned image(s) for commercial or profit purposes, including prints and redistribution of the commissioned image(s).
    - Commissioner may not use the artwork for professional promotion of themselves or their brand, nor may they sell or exchange commissioned art in any form, physical or digital, print or use for blockchain technology or AI training under any circumstances unless you have our express written permission OR they have paid for the right to do so.
    - The commissioner may only use artwork that was created specifically for them and unless
    a commercial/professional licence was agreed upon, the artwork is for the commissioner’s personal use only. Personal use includes usage as wallpapers, avatars/icons, printing the image for personal display and usage (including gifting), etc.
    - The commissioner is allowed to upload commissions online to social media or an online gallery provided that Palaeoiris is credited and the following link is always displayed with the commissioned work: www.palaeoiris.com.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy

    - The commissioner is entitled to cancel a commission at any time and can be partially refunded based on how much of the work is already completed: Commissions cancelled before we send the first draft will be refunded completely, minus the Contract Cancellation Fee; Commissions cancelled at any point between the first draft and final sketch approval will be refunded for 50% of the total price; Commissions cancelled after the final sketch approval to final artwork approval will be refunded for 25% of the final price; after the final work has been sent for approval, even if it is before edits and before the final approval, the commission cannot be cancelled for a refund anymore.
    - The Contract Cancellation Fee of 15% of the total price applies on top of all refunds, except when the contract is cancelled on our initiative.
    -The commissioner will not be refunded if they are unsatisfied with the final result of the commission, however, depending on the case we will be willing to negotiate amendments.
    - If we are unable to finish a commission for whatever reason, the commissioner can choose to be
    refunded in full or to receive a partially finished art piece with a partial refund which will be
    calculated in the same way as a cancellation refund.


    We will not be responsible for any mistakes in the final version of any commission due to incorrect or missing information. It is the commissioner’s responsibility to provide all relevant information when requesting a commission.