Palaeoiris is a collaboration of three queer scientists who want to make other queer scientists feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

We hope that the things we create here help LGBTQ+ people in STEM express their pride for their careers, their scientific passions, and their queer identities. We want Palaeoiris to serve as a resource for queer scientists to connect with a global community of diverse, amazing individuals.

Just as importantly, Palaeoiris is about art! We combine the beauty of the natural world with the beauty of the unique, manifold “queer experience.” All with a heavy dose of colour! There are few things that can make us as happy as seeing our favourite things combined.

We want to share that happiness with you!

Palaeoiris is a brand dedicated to celebrating the Queer community and queer scientists. From our humble beginnings distributing trilobite badges at conferences, to the creation of our online store that keeps expanding on designs and scientific disciplines, to writing educational materials - we want to raise knowledge about the countless ways scientists experience queerness. 

Palaeoiris has always been and will always be a completely inclusive brand that supports macro and micro queer identities. We hold intersectionality as a central tenet.

Meet The Team

Behind Palaeoiris is a team of queer early-career STEM researchers who are passionate about our queer community and queer outreach. Representing many letters in LGBTQ+, our stories are different but united by a passion for science and for the wonderful people of the Rainbow.

Palaeoiris is our passion project. We work on it alongside our everyday science jobs. By buying our merchandise, you allow us to continue creating. Thank you!



They/Them  |  She/Her

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Founder, Product Designer, Social Media Manager, and doing everything else Ecommerce related. User of many labels: Polyromantic, Polyamorous,  Ace-spec, Non-Binary, Lesbian, Genderqueer, Queer. Palaeobiologist. Loves to draw, play with design, and procrastinate.

A depressed mess. 

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Writer and editor.

Genderqueer and Pansexual Molecular Geneticist. Occasionally singing. Often cooking. In charge of our zine project.




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Somewhere between evolutionary biology, ecology, and feminism. Exploring the colour blue in bird plumage. Climber. Queer. Marta’s number one stan, here to help!