Don't see a creature or a theme you like in our selection?

Would you like a personalised design for your organisation, team, research group, or event?

You can now show your support and create a welcoming atmosphere by commissioning badges or pins featuring a design of your choice!


Share your idea with us. We can create a design from a scratch or digitize your sketch if you come to us with a clear idea of what you want. 


You will be included in every stage of producing a design. If designing from a scratch sketch(es) will be sent for approval before rendering. 


Want your badges/pins to be presented with a backing card that carries a message or a certain visual identity? We can design this for you as well.


Whenever possible we use biodegradable packaging or recyclable plastic. We print exclusively on a recycled paper, and send printed receipt only when requested.

  • Your design into merch

    Digitisation/ minor adaptation of your sketch and preparation for production.

    from £30

  • Design from scratch

    You only need to have an idea of what you want on your merchandise and we'll make it happen. 

    from £50

  • Presentation design

    We will create backing card for badges and pins along visual guidelines of your organisation, or independent design. 

    single sided from £30

    double sided from £50

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