Originally drawn to lighten up LGBTQ+ Meetup at PalAss 2018, remain our most popular design. Available as silver and gold enamel pins, button badges, stickers, and bookmarks. 


Our second ever released design. Even though they're modeled after super living fossil Nautilus pompilius, you would be forgiven to call them both little Nautilus or Ammonite friends - they probably looked very similar on the outside. 


The most recent released queer forams gave us many chambers to work with and so for the first time our designs are featuring The Progress Pride Flag. Released during Foram Week 2020 to commemorate last year winner of the Foram Cup 2019.


While minerals and their crystal forms offer endless possibilities, we were particularly inspired by a Desert Rose - a crystal clusters of gypsum or barite which resemble a mineral flower. Here for all you lovers of the inorganic world. Coming soon to button badges and enamel pins!


Which queer kid wouldn't look at fascinating rainbow coloured bismuth crystals and squee from pure joy? This design was specially released to commemorate us actually making our own kitchen-grown bismuth crystals - Google it, it's super easy and fun! Bismuth crystals offer so much potential that we have a lot of things planned for this design.




We have many more designs planned to release so this collection is set to keep growing. 

Which design would you like to see?




And for those who would like a pride-flag design of their own, we offer COMMISSIONS. Now you can have your obscure favourite animal, plant, or any other motif illustrated and even possibly turned into unique peace of merchandise. 

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